TR Network Short Sale Program for Homeowners

TR Network is a multi-faceted consortium of Real Estate professionals that can provide relief to Homeowners in time of their financial crisis through various Real Estate based solutions.

Our specialty is settling mortgage debt for over leveraged property and providing Homeowners with a clean start moving forward.

Some of the benefits we may be able to provide Homeowners are as follows:

  • “Homeowner First” solutions based system – Understanding the Homeowners needs.
  • The Cancellation or Postponement of an imminent Foreclosure Auctions Sale, therefore securing additional time for the Homeowner in the property.
  • A settlement with the Bank or Lender of Mortgage debt for less that is owed.
  • A waiver of deficiency from the Bank or Lender releasing the Homeowner from the balance amount that is/was owed.
  • The ability to avoid future Financial Judgments and Collections actions related to the transaction.
  • Reduced negative or derogatory credit notation and credit score hits.
  • As-Is Transaction – No need to spend funds on repairs or curb appeal.
  • Covid-19 Control: No signs, Open Houses, or other unnecessary intrusions into the property.
  • No Eviction or displacement of living accommodation until the time of final purchase and closing.
  • Relocation expenses.
  • All Processes that may be implemented are legal, ethical and moral.  

 How are we Compensated?

TR Network and its associates are compensated via the following methods:

  • A negotiated Referral Fee from the Listing Agent/Broker for participating in the transaction.
  • A negotiated Referral Fee from the Agent/Broker for participating in the transaction for delivering a willing, able and ready Cash Buyer with real Proof of Funds.
  • A Buyer paid cash contribution fee at closing for Short Sale processing and negotiation (among potential other items). This fee is customary in many locations and is fully documented and disclosed on the Closing Statement.
  • All commissions and fees paid at closing.
  • All processes that may be implemented are legal, ethical and moral and have been reviewed by Attorney and endorsed by National Policy decision makers. 
  • TR Network Consultation.